Space in the frame,
art in the lens

Founded in 2009, FOTOARCHITEKTURA specialises in architectural/interior photography and promotion of architecture. We are happy to support our Clients in presenting their visions and completed projects to wide audiences. Drivenby curiosity and passion for exploring architecture, in our work we rely on experience extending far beyond photography.

We operate as a team to gain a broad perspective, while the outcome of our work is always subject to in-depth analysis and critical evaluation. In effect, our Clients are offered attractive materials to be used e.g. in the media or on websites. We speak the language of our Clients, combining photographic skills and experience with the knowledge of construction engineering, architectural design and urban planning. We can present any given project in a truly comprehensive manner: from details, through industrial design, to the urban planning context. We are equally comfortable with a raw documentary style and with refined architectural photography. Carefullyadapting technique to each assignment, we consciously move from ideas to images.

We work with both digital and traditional technologies. Our photos undergo subtle digital processing to highlight the true beauty of architecture. The results of our work carried out for architects, construction companies as well as architectural magazines are presented in the media, guaranteeing promotion of the depicted buildings both at home and abroad.

Anna B.Gregorczyk
– photographer, urban planner, journalist and promoter of architecture, member of the Union of Polish Architects (SARP) and  The Association of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF), initiator of photographic events

Łukasz Szamałek – photographer, construction engineer in the area of industrial steel structures, economic cybernetics expert, marathon runner and freediver

We are inspired by: Julius Shulman, Helene Binet, Ansel Adams, Ezra Stoller, James Nachtwey, Virgile Simon Bertrand, Klaus Kinold, Scott Kelby